What is your dream job to become an instant millionaire

10 YouTube celebrity

one of the newer jobs to be born out of the internet error is that of a youtuber. The payout can be huge if you manage to get yourself a loyal fanbase and sponsorship deals.

Pewdiepie with the highest-paid youtuber in both 2015 and 2016. He brought in 15 million in 2016. But if you can get one of your videos to go viral you can end up with a million dollars in a single paycheck. If you want to make a ton of money without having to do much at all then become a YouTube celebrity all you really need is a smartphone. You can even film from the privacy of your own bedroom or heck. Why not on the phone there are many possible routes you can take to become a YouTube celebrity. You can film yourself gaming or you can record your life to name only a few can you say genius. In general working for salary typically does not make one rich your salary is capped.

9 Entrepreneuer

When you become an entrepreneur however there is no cap.

If you look at all the billionaires in the world from Bill Gates, Warren Buffett all of them are entrepreneurs. Of course don’t become an entrepreneur just because you want to become rich. You have to love what you do so if you want to build a business you don’t even have to have any startup capital there are articles out there that will show you. How to start a business without it.You can start one with only a few hours a week.

8 Starting A Blog

Blogging is not dead yet even if the discontinuation of Google Reader a few years ago may have signaled otherwise. In fact starting a blog is one way to generate millions of dollars.

Even in the year 2017 Scott DeLong who started the blog viral Nova and was able to get a hundred million readers every month within a relatively short period of time. He had Google ads on every page. His monthly income ended up being over six-figure range after only 8 months before he eventually sold off the blog for a ton of money. Sure blogging won’t necessarily make you an instant millionaire but once you have enough readers you might end up with a ton of cash.

7 Sell on Amazon

Technically being a blogger youtube or writer could all be considered side jobs but the type of side jobs we’re about to mention aren’t secondly jobs. There probably won’t even make you instant millionaire. But they can eventually make you a lot of money. One interesting way to generate additional income is to sell a product on Amazon.

There are people who have simply looked up best-selling products contacted a manufacturer and somewhere like China and then set the product Amazon.  They don’t ever see the product. That doesn’t that make you want to try to sell something today.

Invest In Real Estate

Another route is to invest in real estate. within the category, you have a lot of options in terms of generating income. You can flip houses or generate passive income by writing out houses apartments for vacation rentals. Like on-air B&B whoever set a little side action was a bad thing huh. This is a job that can actually make you assistant millionaire.

6 Professional gambler

We know we’re finally getting to the good stuff right. If you got a little startup capital and obviously Some skill in a ton of luck you can take your money and double it triple or even quadruple. It this probably isn’t a career path we recommend taking. But it may be just for you, if you’re in a little bit of a risk-taker. Obviously, a lot of big money is in the competitive circle and if you’re talented and dedicated enough you might just get there.

There you can start off bidding small and gradually work your way up as you get bolder. We have friends who have made thousands going this route however if you really want to make a lot you are probably better serving going to actual casinos and sitting down at the high-end poker table. Where you can make some truly big bets against some tough competition remember the greater the risk the greater the reward.

5 Having Multiple Sources Of Income

Now here’s a tip, Don’t rely on one source of income. One study found that having three sources of income can guarantee you millionaire status. For example, this could be including doing something in real estate on top of investing in the stock market and having some kind of business on the side.

Warren Buffett one of the richest men in the world apparently spent 80% of his day reading. The daily success habits of wealthy individuals said that 67% of those people who are sitting on a lot of cash, watch television less than an hour per day and said they spend their time reading but not for fun. The read is for self-improvement purposes, in short, cultivate rich people having.

4 Become An Inventor

Did you watch the 2015 biopic joy with Jennifer Lawrence and Robert DeNiro about self-made millionaire joy Mangano.

If you did, you would know she created a product called the miracle mop. Myself ringing mop and ultimately the Empire. She started out by making 100 with only a small amount of money she had safe. Of course, the internet also made it possible to bring ideas and money together much faster. Putting your idea on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, for example, it could allow you to raise a lot of money with people who generally want to see your product come to life.

What are the most successful products with Pebble Time. A Watch, which raised 1 million dollars in an hour and 10 million in less than a month. Time to put your thinking cap on huh.

3 App Developer

Remember flappy bird the game that once you got the hang of it with addicting as pizza and steak and ice cream chocolate potato chip and to think that it only took the Creator all but three days to make it.

THREE DAYS, That’s it!! That has to be one of the fastest path to millionaire.com I’ve ever seen. Creator was thinking he would make 200 bucks a month not much but little did he know the video would go viral and end up being at the top of the App Store and Google PlayList. He was making $50,000 a day before he took the app down because it was just too much money for him I don’t know if I would have done that more money the better up.

2 Stock Market Trader

Being a stock market trader could make you a millionaire. Why? because the money is working for you. You’re not working for your money. Based on the number of hours you put in, which naturally is a cap since you’re probably all human at all.

I Assume you’re not a robot keep in mind, however, is that you don’t even have to trade with an investment bank or a large amount of startup capital. In fact, these would be two myths about trading. The important part is doing a research in order to take advantage of the market. Penny stock trading is just one form of trading that can make you millions in a short period of time. You know that is if you want to take on the risk. Of course, you have to be able to identify pump and dump schemes for you to truly succeed. In this business but there are definitely high rewards involved if you want to be on your way to a cool million start stocking up.

1 Write A best selling novel

Did you know that writing roughly 80,000 words is the average size of a novel. Finding an agent who believes in your work and who will represent you it’s already quite a feat. On top of that, you have to get your book published.

But if it becomes a best-seller you are looking at serious dollar signs, my friends. Not to mention the fact that you will live on through your word and maybe even sell the rights to Hollywood. If you have talents the possibility is certainly there and endless. In other words, there’s hope if you’ve got 80,000 words inside of you may be, even more, you can spend your days painting chapters in an effort to write a best-seller. All it takes is one shot and if you hit it big you can reach millionaire status. Just take a look at the Harry Potter series.

Alright well, I think I have some changes to make my own life – one or more of these ideas hope you enjoyed the topic.