Bitcoin 2018 Predictions: Cryptocurrency Could Hit $100,000 ! Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2018

Best Cryptocurrency to invest 2018 (Not financial advice) I’m not going brother since this is welcome back to crypto land if you’re new to this channel I do cryptocurrency videos every single day and this is the channel weather where the charts are always greener and the Lambos don’t have a speed limit so if you like cryptocurrencies. Consider subscribing let’s go on to the video in this video I want to talk about the top three cryptocurrencies that in my opinion are gonna make it in 2018 these currencies are under $1 right now I actually wanted to do a top 5 video but most of the these currencies have already crossed $1 so unfortunately I had to kick them out of this list iota and iOS were some of them before I get into the topic.

I want to let you guys know that this channel for me is just as much yours as it is for me and the intention with this channel was to you know cryptocurrency be free you you are you know who you are and I’m trying to be my true self I’ve had some audio issues and I just really provide I like the the background music so if you like it as well leave a thumbs up so I’ll know and if you don’t like it leave your thumbs down and I’ll try to change something try to move something in here anyways let’s get into the video number 3 on my list is definitely ripple right now reason being is I’ve been watching ripples since it was like a fraction of a cent and ripple actually has a very very smart very smart supporting very smart development team it basically serves as a bridge between banks it’s like a tool for them and these are smart people and I think it has you know it’s it’s cheap it’s under $1 and I think it has a lot of potential for the future I’m seeing it Morris like a plan-b coin because it’s centralized you know unlike other coins that are decentralized and for that reason I’m choosing ripple as number three number two for me.

we talked about it yesterday it’s birch it’s a privacy coin if you want to know more about verge I would suggest you watch that video I’ll put a card in here and you can check that out yesterday we talked about it I actually didn’t sleep much last night because it was so crazy the furch gains it’s like that crypto insomnia right number one and this one is probably gonna surprise most of you this week this past week it’s been making gains every day and it’s Cardno and basically they call cardinal ABA the etherium of japan and basically what that is I’m going to do a separate video on this as well but basically we’re card on O is is one of the developers is the old CEO of ethereum Andy theorem hat is good but it has some scalability issues and they saw that and they want to improve on that and basically what they said was he theory I’m to fix this problem

It’s like fixing an engine of a moving car and since Cardno is still young I’m seeing great potential in this coin it’s 50 Cent’s right now per coin so we still get can get a lot of these coins for pretty cheap and you know it could chase jaesi theorem on next year and probably go well above $100 that’s what I think I’m curious to read what you guys think of my top three and let me know in the comments what is your top three I would love to know that was the video for today I hope you enjoyed it was a shorter one I will be doing a video on Cardano falling next week and until then stop settling and start living the coin life these

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  3. Bitcoins value is based on the currency it can be bought/sold for. Therefore is NO solution to next crisis, it would be worthless without those currencies, its a bubble on the bubble.

  4. I am just starting writing a master thesis in cryptocurrency, and so far i’m finding it facinating. I love this documentary, but i had one question: when this came out there was no/neglectable transaction costs. But today these are between $30 and $50, and as i understand it, it’s almost like a “bid” on which transactions will be added to the ledger. And the once who bid below (say) $50 will not be added to the ledger and the transaction won’t go through. My question is: how will change in the future? As Bitcoin becomes more popular will these transaction cost rise? – and please correct me if i’m wrong in any of my statements. Thanks

  5. Bit coin will suck all the dollars created since the dot.Com and revalue the dollar as real wide world value.

  6. by wasting precious resource, it steals wealth from whole human society where people work hard to produce. its deflation is with a cost of inflation in the economics. it is a parasite to our society.

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  8. bitcoin is vulnerable to attacks from elite bankers, anti virus companies, random thieves, institutional hackers, govt runners, terrorists and top bitcoiners themselves, your money wont be safe until their hunger is not satisfied

  9. another example of the crippling greed of the ugly humans….parasites….live in ur fairyland…!! money makes you happy?? sad..

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  11. who is sstodhi ? maybe a secret service edtsblished by rockefeller and rothschild… do you know it ? noooo !!

  12. rhe elites will forbid and protect their money to rule and control the world… they wil estsblish their own crypto to control you with… watch at ID2020 its supported by rockefeller foundation !!! think about of the new slsve system … to estsblish a new thing; make a hype you invent..people jump on it…. then break it down …forbid it the ppl loose trust… then the old system estsblish a new safe regulated crypto.. ppl will kump self again on it .. now its ssfe they think… but then its controlled… and you are full controlled !! think about it… carefully … look what ISA now is planing in Israel… i hope you know which role israel has !!!! wske up !!

  13. Explained exceptionally well so that anyone can understand why we need bitcoin and cryptocurrency. What cryptocurrency can mean for all of humanity.

  14. I don’t understand how they are saying Low or $0 transaction fee. Today Bitcoin transaction fee is $40+

  15. mainly tax evaders and potential investors are using this medium, the whole system will collapse in future, so invest only if you have extra money, may god be with you

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