BITCOIN Investment Strategy For BEGINNERS 2017 ($250-$500 Per Day)

What’s up, this is Ryan hildreth and in today’s video, I’m gonna share with you my low risk Bitcoin investment strategy But what I need you to do right now if you haven’t already done, so Click that subscribe button right here or right there or right here the big red one go click that Okay, cool now that you’ve clicked that What I want to share with you today is let me talk about Bitcoin Just in case you don’t know what it is ok. I’m gonna keep it short, and sweet. Just like gold right. It’s a Asset ok bitcoin is a digital currency that is mined by computers. Just like back. Then when gold was mined by humans You know physical labor Bitcoin is mined by computers, and it’s a scarce asset ok there Will only be I believe it’s 28 million or 21 million Bitcoins ever mined and that is projected the last coin is projected to be mine in ok can you buy stuff with Bitcoin? Right now there are companies that do accept Bitcoin like down the street the Newport Beach McLaren dealership and the Newport Beach Lamborghini dealership they both accept Bitcoin There’s websites like that accept Bitcoin, and I think Microsoft right now accepts Bitcoin and when you’re probably watching this video Many other companies will be accepting it, so why should you get into Bitcoin and? Why is it important that you get in because it is a scarce asset? that is rising in price ok as the demand goes up for it obviously there’s a limited supply and Right now as we speak Bitcoin.

Just hit five thousand seven hundred dollars per Bitcoin Can you participate even if you don’t have five thousand seven hundred dollars? Yes You can buy Fractional shares of Bitcoin if you want to start off with the dollar you can go ahead and do so I’m going to show you How you can do that in just a moment? But I highly recommend getting into Bitcoin.

Let’s go hop on my computer, and I’m gonna show you my low-risk Bitcoin investment strategy Alright, so we’re here on my computer, and we’re gonna. This is a chart of Bitcoin okay, it is October 13 2017 last night Bitcoin hit a high of 58 hundred and the week prior, this is kind of what was going on I obviously had some predictions of it breaking through these levels So how can you get involved in Bitcoin is it too late to buy Bitcoin right now, okay? If you’re looking for more of a long-term investment like ten to twenty years You know you could buy it at this price and just buy and hold, but you’re gonna have to stomach some of that You know price movement throughout You know throughout the years, and you know what I see happening right now is Bitcoin is gonna.

Definitely pull back So what would a good low invest low-risk? Investment strategy be I would wait til Bitcoin Comes back to this 5000 level which I see it You know building some support right here And then maybe continuing up back to 6,000 or higher within the next couple months But if you need to get involved right now you want to just get involved and start making your money work for you I highly recommend purchasing Bitcoin. Okay up at the highs, and that’s fine, but I what I want you to do is Exchange it over two bit connect. Okay, which is a platform where you lend out your Bitcoin and a volatility trading software? Uses your bitcoins a trade and they pay you out daily profits Okay, daily payouts anywhere from one to two percent. Which is a huge return on investment okay in one month I’ve made you know over forty percent return on investment just from lending out my Bitcoin, so you know those are promised returns and it’s much better to Participate that way right now if you want to get involved because if you just want to buy and hold Bitcoin you’re definitely gonna There’s gonna you’re gonna experience.

Maybe a little pullback and you might see your account come down You know a couple hundred dollars if you Decide to buy one Bitcoin if you you know if you’re buying smaller amounts like you’re just investing $100 in a Bitcoin You know that that amount might come down to $80 with the net within the next couple weeks But what you could do right now is buy Bitcoin and then quickly exchange it, okay? So you’re gonna come here on coin base set up your account okay? This is an exchange where you can set up your bank account. You. Just go over to accounts right here. It’s gonna ask you for your bank account and Then you can Link that and buy Bitcoin okay exchange your dollars into Bitcoin Right here with where the buy and sell is and you can type in whatever US dollar amount you want It could be one dollar could be a hundred could be a ten thousand And then buy Bitcoin you’re gonna press this button right here, and that should show up in your account Then once that shows up in your account you’re gonna go here It’s gonna say you know whatever amount you have I have a hundred dollars in Bitcoin right here.

You’re gonna go over to bit connect Okay, and this is the perfect time to lend because you know I don’t see Bitcoin going much higher from here within the next couple Weeks we might experience a little pullback But you want to put your money to work and start making some Getting some returns right and you can’t do that by just holding Bitcoin right now because we’re at the highs So if you want to make some you know real money Getting paid out to you every single day like here in your lending wallet.

This is my lending wallet You know I’m getting paid out like anywhere from 250 to 500 dollars a day for lending out my Bitcoin set up a bit connect Profile okay, so you’re gonna use I’m and if you need training on this I’m gonna link a training video down below But I’ll provide all the links down below on how to do this, but this is just a quick overi overview So what you’re gonna do is deposit your bitcoin click this Okay, it’s gonna come up with a wallet address. Okay, you’re gonna copy/paste this wallet address Into your coinbase account you’re gonna send your Bitcoin over to your bit connect account you’re gonna go here copy paste that address and press you know whatever amount you want press Continue and basically Now you’re gonna lock in Like if you were to buy Bitcoin right now at fifty seven hundred And you don’t want to lose any money Exchange it you know send it over to bit connect It’s gonna come here exchange it into bit connect token, and then you’re gonna lend it out Okay, where you’re gonna receive anywhere from you know if depending on the lending amount.

You’re gonna get that capital back Okay, so if I lend out a thousand dollars You’re gonna get I’m gonna get that back in two hundred ninety nine days, but I’m gonna be paid out every single day Daily interest okay, and we’re gonna click this to look at you know what the interest has been lately as You can see you know the interest is mainly between one and two percent On these good days of course there are days where it’s lower right point zero three Tomorrow is gonna be a one point eight one percent so that’s a pretty big day So if you were to lend out let’s just say a thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin on bit connect The term length would be two hundred actually let’s do one thousand ten so the term length will be shorter two hundred thirty nine days calculate Your profit is gonna be two thousand four hundred eighty six dollars, okay That’s a two hundred forty six percent return on investment.

You cannot get that in any type of market right now except for crypto currency markets so how to get involved by your Bitcoin if you want to get involved right now buy some Bitcoin You can lend out eighty percent of it keep twenty percent in your wallet. Just to hold that Bitcoin and Get paid daily You know daily returns on your investment This is the best time to lend because I don’t see you making much more money Just holding Bitcoin right now So you can lend it out make some money in the next time Bitcoin dips You can buy some more and then make some money on the way up so this is just a quick way to get involved with Bitcoin and bit connect and just getting paid out daily, but I will link that free training video down below because You know you might need a more in-depth tutorial on Like what bit connect is and how to get involved with this but right now I think is the best time to lend out your Bitcoin because we are at the highs And I see the pullback coming you know sometime soon And I plan on buying some more you know if we if we come down to 5,000 I’ll maybe buy a little bit right here if we come down to 4600 I’m you know probably gonna buy several thousand dollars worth of bitcoins, so I hope you enjoyed this free training video This is my low-risk investment Bitcoin investment strategy And I hope that you learned something from this comment down below next week I post video currency videos Monday Wednesday Friday and next week I will be giving away Bitcoin so go ahead and leave your Bitcoin address your wallet address down below comment down below if you have one And I’m gonna be giving away Bitcoin next week take care Or.

You know it’s only toxicated Father speak to a kiss that tastes like funny, but even dreaming. Oh you changed me Once it’s over. You can’t wait to press me And I guess, it’s just.

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