How I fell for the blockchain gold rush

Bitcoin envy, the ultramodern malaise. News reports is fraught with this sorcery internet coin rocketing appreciate currently $16,000 and Facebook is flecked with people who picked some up at $500, $50 or even 50 pennies.But the cryptocurrency send hasn’t hitherto sailed. In the volatile dump of alternative cryptos, comparatively unknown alt-coins such as gurgle, litecoin and ethereum regularly shoot up by the thousands of percentage of the states members of such matters of weeks and slumped just as fast.

Blockchain – a virtual Gold Rush on the Net

Bitcoin envy has brought in immense sums of new money, dollar-eyed investors taking a Las Vegas gamble on which of the more than 1,000 alt-coins might rocket next. In September the cryptocurrency sell cap was $137 bn. Today it’s $800 bn. It’s a blockchain gold rush.

In mid-December a Facebook friend well-versed in crypto tip-off Cardanos ADA, which at 21 pennies was just the tip I was after. Little did I know I was going unarmed into a lawless digital wild west, where fates are made and lost on a tweet and every shill, trickster, bot and conman is use all the unregulated tricks in the book to make a fast buck. And this was undoubtedly my first rodeo.

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