‘It’s all fentanyl’: opioid crisis takes shape in Philadelphia as overdoses surge

Nationally, during the past three years, fentanyl-related fatalities have increased by 540%, and the epidemic is find acutely in Philadelphias Kensington area
 young woman lies unconscious, propped against the wall of anti-retroviral drugs detox center in Kensington, Philadelphia.

Shes wasnt breathing, says Danielle, a 26 -year-old woman wearing a baseball hat and jeans. I encountered her half under a auto. Somebody cheated her. They could have cheated her and called 911

Paramedics arrive and administer Narcan, the nasal form of naloxone used to counter opioid overdoses. The girl comes round and repudiates farther treatment.

Minutes later, a gentleman lurches and breakdowns. His breathing is shallow: the line between poisoning and overdose neared but not traversed. Paramedics get him back on his feet. Its a grim dance, one that continues night and day in this rundown area of the city.

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