Honeymoon destinations 2018 – Top 10 Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations In the World 2018

Number 1: South Korea’s

I’m here to caress your brain cells with weird facts from all over the world.What do you get when you combine honeymooners worn beaches and sexual education South Korea’s Jeju Island aka honeymoon Isle because Korean marriages are often arranged Jeju Island is the place to go if you’re a native newlywed couples flock to the island to learn about the birds and the bees and expand their sexual horizons to break the tension visitors are greeted with a nice welcoming lattice then they set off to explore LOVELAND a theme park full of x-rated statues and signs that explain the fundamentals of sex Loveland is like nothing else it’s the biggest two football fields and is affectionately called Disneyland for adults definitely worth a look for newlywed couples who want to spice up their love life

Number 2: Berlin

Berlin may be known as a hot spot for art and culture but it also has a hidden secret that will give couples the perfect honeymoon experience propellor island is an eccentric island with a twist every room is completely unique and represents a different theme you’ve got the upside-down room where all the beds are sunken into the ground and furniture suspended from the ceiling then there’s the gross room which has guests sleeping in coffins perfect for vampire fetishes the freedom room looks like a colorful prison cell that you can escape out of to a balcony with parasols or there’s the biggest room the two lions room this is your traditional honeymoon suite with a king size bed and bathtub made of gold this room has two big cages in the center of room apparently there for the children to sleep in so I guess this place is fun for the whole family

Number 3: Fiji 

Feel like having an unconventional honeymoon but don’t think you’ll quite need an entire village the site and resort could be exactly what you’re looking for located off the coast of Fiji the sounder water hotel is the place to go when you want to sleep with the fishes the society and resort has award-winning bars and restaurants a ballroom and of course all the world-class ocean views you can handle the only thing between you and a vast array of marine life is a four inch acrylic wall and with the push of a button you can attract fish by releasing fish food right outside your room honeymooners will enjoy the Nautilus suite a luxurious chamber that measures 1,000 square feet and is a tribute to Jules Verne a the author of Journey to the Center of the Earth

Number 4: Yuzu Islands

Want to spend your first days as husband and wife surrounded by lush landscapes and natural beauty Japan’s yuzu Islands could be just what you’re looking for there’s just one catch because the land is situated on active volcanic chain visitors are required by a law to wear gas masks at all times how romantic but if you can get past the harmful gases and the risk of imminent volcanic eruption you’ll find plenty to enjoy on the EU islands why not enjoy a spot of scuba diving dolphin watching or take a nice nature hike and when you’re done you can commemorate the trip by purchasing a nice take-home gas maps from a local souvenir shop you never know when that will come in here

Number 5: Washington

Remember that cultural phenomenon Twilight the folks at Pacific in motel sure do they invite Twilight loving newlyweds to spend a few days with them in forks Washington yep the official studying of the books and films take long toward walks around the same streets as Edward and Bella then return to your Twilight themed hotel room so you can watch each other sleep the Pacific in motel is like a Twilight time capsule it suites are filled with props and posters and its rooms are painted black red and gold to match the book covers so if you want to start your marriage sleeping under a giant Kristen Stewart poster and arguing over whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob this is a place for you

Number 6: Honeymoon The Arctic

Are you tired of noise crowds and all that relentless sunshine need to get away from it all for your could be just what you’re looking for it has breathtaking scenery and very memorable accommodation I mean how cool would it be to watch the Northern Lights while you cuddle up inside a glass igloo or how does sleeping on a reindeer skin rug inside a log cabin strike you photographs the amazing landscape or see what polar bears get up to and no one’s watching and for those adventurous types there’s ice fishing dog sledding and a whole host of frozen caves to explore for a chilly but unconventional honeymoon the Arctic truly has it all

Number 7: Deidesheim 

Want to travel abroad for your honeymoon but don’t want to be apart from your friends and family check out dia – iam a German village that you can rent out for you in over two hundred of your closest friends it costs fifty thousand dollars for a night but with more than three hundred bedrooms included it’s actually fairly reasonable when you arrive diems mayor will personally greet you and give you the key to the village from there the entire town is yours to do as you please with at least until checkout day being ruler of your own village is a great way to start married life but make sure you don’t get too carried away after all your old friend reality will be waiting for you when you get home

Number 8: Switzerland

Saint Moritz anga Dean Switzerland a large yet intimate resort town that’s part of the Swiss Alps st.Moritz has been the go-to getaway for winter sports athletes and was the site of both the 1928 and 1948 Winter Olympics as the coldest destination on this list it is unquestionably the Paramount winter wonderland for couples looking to tie the knot closer to the holidays despite its isolated location it is home to many of the world’s most popular and expensive ski resorts with as many as 10,000 visitors embracing the snowy climate each winter so if you and your significant other want to fly down some slopes or nestled by the fireplace while enjoying Switzerland’s renowned chocolate and hot cocoa form then st. Moritz is the place to go

Number 9: Istanbul

Fancy dining with your loved one on a candlelit stone terrace dating back thousands of years in the turkish city of Cappadocia you can although it’s just a short plane ride from Istanbul is surreal and otherworldly place looks like another world Cappadocia hundreds of homes hotels and restaurants are carved out of caves and other rocky expanses this historically rich city was once the capital of the Hittite Empire and is even mentioned in the Bible honeymooners can ride in hot-air balloons explore caves and temples and in a cave hotel that originated in the fifth century definitely the place to go if you want to return to the simpler days

Number 10: Space Hotel

Are you a board millionaire feel like going on a honeymoon that’s literally out of this world try Russia’s face hotel a hotel that orbits 217 miles above our little blue planet after a two-day trip in a rocket you and your significant other will enjoy all the low gravity luxury money can buy you’ll sleep in custom-built vertical pods shower in a room with artificial gravity and enjoy a gourmet menu including veal cheeks and plum compote and if you get nostalgic for the motherland don’t worry you can always admire earth from one of many portholes this is truly the romantic experience of a lifetime but it isn’t cheap the ride to the hotel alone will cost you around $800,000 while a five-night stay will set you back an estimated one hundred and sixty thousand dollars but can you really put a price on love.As usual we have another question for you what’s the most embarrassing things your parents have ever done let us know in the Reta page linked below and you might be featured in a future countdown see you guys next time what a tower coming out from the middle of it we honestly don’t know what the hell this sculpture is supposed to be though we hope it’s not what many of us think it is nah it’s an Easter Tower though that sticky runny glue says otherwise.