How Bitcoin will Crash 2018 Explained!

How Bitcoin will crash and how it works, in general, a Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency

which is a digital asset it’s not physical it’s not tangible you can’t have a Bitcoin in your hand but I have this spread out like this just to make it more physical and literal. So that you can kind of see in a tangible way and understand what the heck is going on here because it’s so abstract when it’s a digital asset you can’t hold you in your hand. Now I’m going to explain a little bit why I’m not sold on Bitcoin and then I’m gonna actually just tell you guys my little thoughts about how big coin that is gonna crash and kind of give you guys a literal diagram of how it works and maybe it may not even work like this totally but this is just my thought process about it alright so I have some stuff right here. I don’t fall under the groupthink category and just because everyone said oh bitcoins the hottest thing out let me go give me some bitcoins and invest in it no I’m the type of person where I see people acting if.

I see someone make a move I kind of identify the reasons why they’re making the move okay and now if they make me move with the intent to have people follow I sit back and I don’t follow along with everyone else who likes to follow I look and I watch and if I see intentions are just to have people follow them for X amount of reasons. I see right through it and I act on my own accordance now with Bitcoin let me kind of explain this to you. How I think it’s gonna crash and just how it works in general this right here is the Bitcoin master this is the God who was creating this currency alright now this is him right here he says okay I’m creating my currency now I’m going to only create 20 of them and now these 20 they’re all gonna be worth $100 all right this is him right here.

I have created the Bitcoin he just created 20 bitcoins no he’s gonna listen online he sells these bitcoins on his website he’s gonna say ok I have 20 bitcoins available now he’s gonna come to a small group of people he’s going to say look but he doesn’t want anyone to know who he is because you know I mean when the shit hits the fan and you and you know what you’re doing you don’t want everyone to know who you are of course so there’s a wall right here even. These people may not even know who he is alright these are people who know me and who are going to be ahead but they’re just as dangerous to have people know who you are we need a big plane master.

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Because like I said when the shit hits the fan you don’t want everyone to know who you are because they’re gonna be a lot of pissed off people when their shit hit the fan alright so there’s a wall right here this symbolizes the wall now he’s on the phone or an intercom or whatever right he’s like look I have created the Bitcoin now you guys have got a very special deal now this Bitcoin is going to be $100 now I just need you guys to buy the Bitcoin and overtime this Bitcoin will increase in value now I will buy back any Bitcoin you do not want so you can trade it in at any time you guys have the very special deal because you’re getting that Bitcoin when it’s worth very little so you have very little to lose so I want you guys to buy a Bitcoin now and then over time I will I will implement more bitcoins into the system and the prices of these bitcoins will increase as more bitcoins get entered into the system that will increase and decrease artificially due to whatever factors are happening to the whatever bear with me are all right now if you guys want to enter into the game please buy my bitcoins now okay yeah they’re like alright mr.

Bitcoin game right now so this guy just cashed out the Bitcoin game. He bought his bitcoins in total for how much did he buy it for it in total he spent $300 on bitcoins and now he sold them as the price went up and he now has one two three four five $600 so he just doubled his money right there this dude’s.  He’s at the big coin game all right now we got other people still in the big coin game and they 29 so still winning you know I’m saying cuz he’ll buy back any bitcoins or whatever and he still has more bitcoins than everybody he probably has as much.

Bitcoin as in his bank account or his online ledger as everyone else put together you see what I’m saying so he’s good now if he wants to sell his bitcoins now let’s just say more people coming in right all. We want to buy bitcoins we want to needs to come back I owe the price is going up. I should have kept my big coins now they’re back into the Bitcoin business and they’re like oh my gosh we need bitcoins but then there’s not nothing left like that. Cuz you not I mean another block hasn’t open so Bitcoin master got hella big coins he’s like all right guys I’m gonna sell you these bitcoins for 400 now cuz they work 400 now this guy. He spent he cashed out here at 600 he come back he buy him a Bitcoin he’s not all the price gonna go up.

So I’m the one two three four that’s 400 right there right so this guy just bought a Bitcoin again that’s his money over there this is mine he got 200 left he didn’t have enough for a Bitcoin this guy remember he cashed out and so his Bitcoin immediately. He had 200 so he’s I’m going back to the bank he’d get 200 off the bank right here cuz I would need another Bitcoin and he’s getting it from the Bitcoin master right because the Bitcoin master is the only one who has bitcoins and who’s willing to sell it at the moment cuz everyone else knows the price is gonna go up or they can’t afford to sell it because they’re gonna take an L all right or they’re not gonna make much that they think they’re worth all right so look everyone has the Bitcoin Bitcoin master just bottling

He happy looking as much money bitcoin master guy he over here taking trips he’s doing everything nobody even knows who he is they just know he’s a big coin master and now this is what happens all right I’m going to raise the price of Bitcoin one more time this time my Bitcoin is worth $1,000 hahaha so he goes up here and everyone’s happy here you we’ve got bitcoins and ages coming up happy whoever was in the game super early they just turned $100 into $1,000 so they really happy and now I’m they’re trying to spread the word of Bitcoin so everyone’s happy and no know somebody very popular very popular investor came out of nowhere and said he don’t believe in bitcoins and that bitcoins are dangerous and it’s risky and so now they can’t sell their bitcoins for a thousand no one’s going to buy them no one wants to buy them and they’re like oh my gosh I can’t sell my bitcoins and then my money back so they’re going to the Bitcoin master now cuz he said he’s gonna buy them back right now the Bitcoin master everyone’s coming.

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