How to buy (get) Bitcoins

I will be showing you. How you guys can purchase your very first Bitcoin.

I trust and that in coinbase and I’ve been using kool-aid since again since. I started investing into this whole cryptocurrency stuff and it’s been working out pretty good for me. They actually have two-step authentication so you know they have a nice lot of security features so nobody’s going to steal your Bitcoin so you guys can be completely safe. About that so let’s go ahead and open it up and this is coinbase so you pretty much have to do is just sign up.  Much create an account sign up and pretty much it Janome just fill up all that information alright so let me go ahead and sign in so you guys can see all of this whoo see that’s what I mean the 2-step verification that it’s perfect alright so let me go ahead and enter that alright so once you create an account and login this is going to be a home page there’s the coin based page and here you have your Bitcoin price what was the price that it went up by times last month and the percentage so Bitcoin price right now is twenty five thirty eight with seven cents so man that’s a huge price because back then I remember was around six seven hundred dollars you know what I wish I kind of kept my bitcoins.