Notorious Domain Goes up for Sale at 200 BTC

one of the web’s more desirable domain names, is up for sale. Its current owneds, XBT Holding SA, are attempting 200 BTC- or about $2.9 million- for the website. The domain is begrudged partially because XBT is the abbreviation that numerous institutional trading scaffolds use for bitcoin, and also on account of the site’s notoriety, having been linked to the hacking of the US Democratic Party.It’s not often a three-letter fleck com realm goes up for sale, but when it does, it’s guaranteed to dominate a premium price tag. 10 Jobs That WILL Make YOU An INSTANT MILLIONAIRE!

#fab915; text-decoration-line: none; font-family: museo-sans-rounded, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, Montserrat, sans-serif; font-size: 18px;" href="" rel="nofollow"> is of particular interest to bitcoiners, bearing in mind the fact that the letters XBT are synonymous with bitcoin in some cliques. This connection accounts for why the web hosting company in charge of the domain have elected to capitalize on the bitcoin boom and toll the domain in BTC