Overstock Glitch Gave Customers ‘Discounts’ With Bitcoin Cash

‘Big Discounts ‘: Some Overstock Customer Pay for Items Priced in BTC With BCH According to the company Krebs on Security and security rights house Bancsec, Overstock’s marketplace had a serious kink permitting people to pay for makes priced in BTC in BCH. On January 5 a Krebs researcherthree outdoor solar lamps fromwhich lent up to $78.27. At the time Overstock’s invoices told

the researcher to pay 0.0047557 4 bitcoins to a specific address. Instead of paying BTC, Krebs on Security decided to send 0.0047557 4 BCH to the specified address. In a matter of hours, health researchers acquired the three lamps for approximately $12 worth of. If thoughts couldn’t get any worse, they did: Krebs decided to get a rebate for the three solar lamps purchased with BCH.

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