Peter Martins retires from NYC Ballet amid sexual harassment allegations

Peter Martins, who helped shape the New York City Ballet for more than three decades, has announced his retirement amid accusations of sexual abuse and physical abuse.

The Danish-born Martins, who in 1989 became ballet lord in chief of the world-renowned fellowship founded by the legendary George Balanchine, said “largely anonymous and decades old-fashioned the allegations of sexual abuse or physical mistreatment of dancers or others” had inflicted “a tremendous toll of disarray, disruption and expense” on the ballet and its dance school.

The school announced last-place month that Martins would no longer educate a weekly class while an independent principle conglomerate investigated “an anonymous note doing general , non-specific allegations of sexual harassment in the past by Peter Martins at both New York City Ballet and the School.”
“The safety and well-being of our students is our absolute priority, ” the December 4 proclamation said .

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