These 2017 box office stats are a sign of times changing for the better.

The final box office numerals are in from 2017, and there’s one clear takeaway from the top earners. For the first time in practically six decades, the three highest-grossest films in Northern america all peculiarity women around lead roles, according to The Wrap. The last occasion women-led movies cleaned up in similar fashion was practically 60 years ago, when Mitzi Gaynor starred in” South Pacific ,” Rosalind Russell grew” Auntie Mame ,” and Elizabeth Taylor inspired fans to turn out for” Cat on a Hot Tin Roof .” 

And it’s not all about the money, either — the characters themselves are blazing trails.
Ridley’s lightsaber-wielding Rey is a force to be guessed with in a film where it’s the men who let their feelings get the better of them. “Wonder Woman’s” feminist letter is obvious in just about every plot spot throughout the movie. Even Watson’s Belle takes on a more self-assertive, self-possessed nature than in the original Disney classic.

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