This boxing gym is giving the underserved kids of Detroit a second chance at a future.

Before he became a boxing coach-and-four, Khali Sweeney dawdled down a distressing way.

He never learned to read and removed out of high school when he was in 11 th grade. Before he was even 18, he had posters stacked against him. As a upshot, he turned to a life of crime.

Then one day, a few years later, he made a harrowing actualization — most of the girls he knew growing up in Detroit were either in prisons or dead.

That was the moment Sweeney are determined to take his life in a different direction. He learnt himself to read and eventually resolved a responsibility in organization.

As he got older, he saw compelled to help teenagers like him have a fighting chance at a high quality of life. So, since he had a impression for boxing, he started coaching lieu minors in a neighbourhood park.
” There’s no recreational facilities around here, ” says Sweeney.” There’s nothing for children in this vicinity to do. ”

Coach Khali discovering a student at his gym. All photos via CW Black Lightning.

In 2007, he founded the Downtown Boxing Gym youth program in Detroit — a nonprofit that empowers underserved youth through education, sportings, and mentorship.

Before Downtown Boxing Gym was established, simply 14% of the children in the neighborhood were move away from high school.

But with the gym’s inception, all that changed. Thanks to their state-of-the-art facility, dedicated staff members of academic professionals, and well-rounded schemed, 100% of the kids who’ve connected the Downtown Boxing Gym program have graduated from high school .

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