Why I Sold My Bitcoins

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Why I sold my Bitcoin

Just on my narrow-minded opinion obviously let’s look at the last seven days bitcoins gone from 11 grand all the way to currently it’s over fifteen thousand dollars. It had a high of like eighteen but anyways that’s the current state a Bitcoin the biggest reason. why I sold most my Bitcoin is that Bitcoin futures trading it’s coming soon. I believe it comes Sunday which is tomorrow a couple hours and that kind of scares me that people will be able to short Bitcoin. A lot of you know you never know you know bitcoins price has gone up a lot recently let’s pool or not price it’s market cap. I mean who’s to say the you know billions upon billions of dollars pointing to the market right now or at Wall Street investors who just plan to sell right.

when futures come out the short the price I don’t know this market is very unregulated which is kind of annoying because I went to buy a Bitcoin during the dip today something that really pissed me off was Bitcoin dip today to 13,000 and the exchanger used gym now shut down conveniently during the dip and came right back up once Bitcoin across the fifteen thousand dollar mark which is very shady but that’s what happens when you’re in a unregulated market which kind of sucks.

So um you know a good good sign is that coin base is the number one most downloaded app in the USA right now there’s something you should know there is a ton of hype around Bitcoin just the fact of Bitcoin futures really scares me and the fact that people be able to short Bitcoin I don’t really know how to feel about that something good though is the mean pool transaction you know the amount of unconfirmed transactions is starting to get hammered through that’s starting to go down that was kind of worrying me for a little bit. I mean it was going up and up as getting a little retarded but it’s starting to go back down so I feel a lot better about that the biggest thing is just Bitcoin futures just scares me a little bit the fact that they’ll be able to short the price and on top of that bitcoins just been going up so much recently typically.

There is some type of pullback or correction or something after Bitcoin Rises as much but honestly I don’t even know at this point you know it’s all a big gamble these cryptocurrencies you never know you know so many people have coins and people could sell at any point all these people who are buying in this high if it just drops just a little bit compan Excel you really don’t know it there’s no such thing as a crypto expert and in my case I had a lot of my you know wealth in crypto and you know I made good profits but now it’s just a little scary for me and you know no one ever went broke taking profits and remember that whenever you if you hold crypto or if you’re about to get any crypto no one ever went broke taking profits so you know just it’s better to you know sell all your head then you know lose money you got ya determine the risk to you know to reward to yourself but that’s why I sold my Bitcoin let me know what you guys think down below.